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E-Cigarettes Do Not Change Physical Appearance

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, smoking is harmful to almost every organ in the body. The main problem that smoking causes is reduced blood flow to important organs and extremities. This issue is not only detrimental to a smoker’s overall health but also to their physical appearance. Because smoking reduces the flow of blood to hands and feet, these areas become discolored. Smoking also affects the appearance of a smoker’s skin, eyes, and teeth. Quitting is probably the best solution for these problems; but by using an e-cigarette, a smoker can continue smoking without the harmful side effects or it can help them quit altogether.

Traditional Cigarettes Change Physical Appearance
Smoking causes many problems and mainly affects a person’s blood circulation as well as their lungs, reproductive and digestive organs. Overall smoking is harmful to the whole body. These harmful effects can physically be seen in a person who has been smoking for many years. The first signs of change in a smoker’s body are usually around their mouth. Smoking causes damage to teeth making them yellow and prevents them from healing if there is some sort of trauma to the mouth. This habit also causes discoloration in a person’s hands due to lack of circulation. Smokers find that they do not heal as well from minor cuts and scraps because of the lack of proper blood flow. What’s more, the overall appearance of a smoker is changed and causes them to appear older than they really are.

Tobacco Free Cigarettes Do Not Affect The Body
On the other hand, vapor cigarettes have not been linked to causing major illnesses or diseases. This product does not cause diminished blood flow to major organs or extremities, and smokeless cigarettes do not change a person’s appearance. Because e-cigarettes are not made of harmful ingredients such as tar, tobacco, and fiberglass materials, there are no known problems associated with smoking these products. Plus, tobacco free cigarettes can help smokers quit or diminish their intake of traditional cigarettes. This product can be controlled through varying amounts of nicotine within the cartridges and can improve a person’s health by allowing them to quit.

Tobacco products can harm the body in many ways by affecting proper blood flow to important organs and extremities. This product can greatly change a person’s appearance due to the harmful substances that create them. By using vapor cigarettes, smokers can not only prevent from harming their body with harmful substances but they can also quit more easily with this product.

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